C. Beckstrand Fashion Consulting

"Ciarra is professional, thorough, and efficient as a fashion consultant. Even in my first meeting with her for a client interview, her confidence and knowledge of the fashion world was quite evident and I knew I was in good hands. 
Within days, Ciarra was on my doorstep bearing several bags of clothing from my favorite stores and a few others, including accessories. Oh my! This was the most enjoyable, productive "non-shopping" experience I've ever had! The only hard part was deciding what to keep and what to send back. AND Ciarra provided an Aesthetic Style Profile notebook that included pictured combinations for dressing up or down many of the pieces of clothing she had picked for me. That has been soooo useful in knowing what goes with what and I love the versatility of my new wardrobe! 
I am thankful to Ciarra for making her skills and ability in fashion available to those of us who lack that strength. And just as much, I so appreciate the personable manner in which she makes me feel and look beautiful! 
Thank you, Ciarra! See you next season!

-Beth Ann C.